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An Insight on the Fifth Generation Test Automation

An Insight on the Fifth Generation Test Automation (Script-less Test Automation)

Evolution of Generations in Test Automation

Test Automation has seen an incremental evolution from the early generations of Record & Playback to the present fifth generation Code Less Automation. During the first generation, it was Record & Playback followed by the second generation Use/Reuse of functions followed by the third generation Data Driven Scripts. Further to this, is the fourth generation of test automation that is widely used and has seen the usage of Action Keyword Scripts. Today, with the penetration of fifth generation test automation, a functional tester can create an effective robust test automation scripts. It helps in testing the application in minimal time using the Script-less methodology. A rather simple definition of Script-less test automation helps users automate their tests without having to script and use a model based approach for test automation. This method enhances the scalability approach as it makes use of readily available code assets termed as keywords or reusable models to build and maintain automated test cases.


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