Company Profile

Enhops is fully owned subsidiary company of Jeevan Scientific Technology Limited, Hyderabad. Enhops is an independent testing services organization, which provides services in the areas of Test Assessment, Test Center of Excellence, Process Establishment, Functional and Non-functional testing. Enhops has a dedicated team working on tools and accelerators to speed up testing and extending the benefits to its customers.


Our inspired leadership, cohesive teams, innovative solutions and relentless pursuit of customer satisfaction makes us your preferred testing partner.


Develop simple, efficient and easy to use solutions to address customer’s needs and complex challenges.

Enable a culture of honesty and integrity while encouraging constant learning to promote growth, recognition and success.

Enhops’ name is derived from the phrase “Enhancing Operations…”. We strive to enhance our customers’ operations through our expertise, IPs and innovation.

We aim to create value by delivering pointed solutions owing to our diverse testing experience across various industry segments and application types