Functional Manual Testing

Early testing brings lot of benefits in terms of quality, time and cost. Static and dynamic testing goes hand in hand to make this happen. Involving testing teams in requirement workshops helps in understanding the expectations and build required tests soon.

Enhops methodologies are life cycle model agnostic and integrate seamlessly with the overall development methodology to bring in efficiencies early on. Our KnoRA tool kick-starts the functional testing and it focuses on identifying ambiguities in requirements thereby improving requirements quality consumed downstream. The methodology also integrates best practices such as Inside out and Outside in risk based testing, tools and techniques such as bidirectional traceability matrix, equivalence partitioning, boundary value analysis, state transition etc., to achieve optimum coverage in less time.As a practice, our test teams capture various metrics such as defect trends,test coverage, process quality,project progress, productivity and application quality. These metrics trends are presented in real time as dashboard in our QGuage tool and/or as part of daily, weekly and monthly status reports.

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