Performance Testing

Today’s hyper-connected world across mobile phones, smart devices, diverse media channels, and business applications demand enterprises to offer seamless end user experience so as to achieve competitive advantage. Enterprises need their applications and websites to be up and running 24/7 to facilitate enormous number of real-time transactions. The slightest application downtime can put the reputation of an enterprise at stake and cause substantial revenue loss. Hence, testing of such business-critical applications/software requires a different perception entirely by putting customer experience at the center.

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The performance of an application or software plays a major role in gaining and retaining the customer base. The best of workflows and business logics would fail when the applications are not tested for various performance factors. Thus, performance testing is critical to ensure that the software/applications are optimized for efficiency and run as intended. Also, performance testing has to be continuously implemented to detect the defects often, early and rectify them. This calls for introduction of performance testing of applications for early detection of bottlenecks at any stage of the software development life cycle and solve them, thereby reduce time to go live.

Why Enhops?

We at Enhops offer end-to-end performance testing services that ensure availability, robustness, reliability, scalability and speed of our clients’ systems and applications. Our Performance Testing Center of Excellence analyzes our client’s performance requirements, defines performance test strategies, roadmap and metrics, assesses reports and provides recommendations. Our testing team has in-depth expertise across various open-source and commercial performance testing tools.

Our Performance Testing Services portfolio covers:

  • Performance Testing – We evaluate the end-user experience under varying amounts of user traffic and ensure enriched customer experience
  • Load Testing – We assess the impact of different loads on your application and resource usage patterns on various systems and identify potential server bottlenecks, database issues, load-balancing issues, etc. if any
  • Stress Testing – We purposefully increase the amount of user load to find the limits of your system/application under unfavorable conditions to measure frequency of errors, system crashes, and offer quicker solutions in case of any failures
  • Soak Testing – We evaluate your application’s stability and performance over an extended period of time to identify issues related to memory, log file handles, and or Database resource utilization, and ensure that it works as planned
  • Spike Testing – We appraise how your system/application can handle an immense spiking and bursts of sudden user load over varying time periods to make sure your application performs well or mitigate any situation which is otherwise
  • Concurrency Testing – We examine how your application works when multiple users log into it to identify risks such as server response time, deadlocks and throughput associated with concurrency
  • Configuration Testing – We test the system with a variety of supported software and hardware configurations.
  • Isolation Testing – We identify the defects easily by breaking down the system into various isolated modules

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As a requirement or as a priority, Automation is a sign of progress!

Enhops’ Test Automation reinforces testing and defect detection with intelligent development, 24/7

Service Type

  • Performance Test Consulting
  • Load / Stress / Spike Testing
  • Concurrency Testing
  • Server / Render Response Testing
  • Configuration / Isolation Testing

Tool Matrix

  • WebLOAD
  • Apache JMeter
  • LoadRunner
  • NeoLoad
  • LoadUI
  • Rational Performance Tester
  • Loadstorm
  • CloudTest
  • Silkrunner


  • Testing over Cloud
  • Onsite / Remote / Distributed Testing
  • Performance Monitoring and Support

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