Process Framework Establishment

Enhops brings its vast experience and expertise to establish a robust test methodology that will offer benefits through unified test governance, standardization and reusability. Our proprietary Global Delivery Methodology is used as basis to establish process framework at our client locations. The process framework consists of following entities and these are common across various testing types:

  • Handbook
  • Processes
  • Guidelines
  • Templates
  • Checklists

Our approach towards improvement of services and application quality is through continuous improvement of processes and practices. In order to ensure effective implementation of the defined processes, process compliance checks are carried out at defined intervals. These checks help in identifying improvement opportunities and build efficiencies.

Process audits are conducted at periodic intervals to understand what is working well and what is not. Findings identified from audits are categorized as non-conformance and opportunity for improvement. All the findings categorized as opportunity for improvement are grouped as project and process specific. All process specific improvements are handled as change requests and are addressed based on the priority assigned.

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