Test Advisory Services

Today’s digital business world demands high-quality products and services. Organizations should invest in innovation and quality assurance for their software and applications to stay ahead of their competition. They need a reliable software testing partner who can assess their testing requirements, refine QA practice and advise on a QA roadmap in line with their business needs.

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The quality of products or services offered by an organization is directly proportional to its business growth. Achieving quality needs a meticulously planned test strategy and its implementation. Also, the right test infrastructure coupled with right people and right skill sets is crucial to offer high-class services and solutions.

Why Enhops?

Enhops’ Test Advisory Services (TAS) help organizations across verticals streamline and enhance their QA practice, thus accomplish their quality goals. Our Test Advisory Services enable them to ride their QA transformation journey successfully with great agility and reliability. We help our customers understand risks and gaps in their QA processes, practices, tools and infrastructure. Our Test Advisory Services integrates quality across the software development life cycle.

Test Advisory Services can provided either at the overall test function level or can be limited to any or all of the following:

  • Test automation assessment
  • Performance testing assessment
  • Test tools assessment
  • Test processes assessment

Our approach to a holistic assessment starts with understanding what is working well and what needs refinement. We identify participants not just from the testing group but also from the groups that interface with testing such as Development, Business Analyst, Support function(s) etc. Project lifecycle methodologies and associated artifacts are reviewed to understand the extent to which they address testing needs. Process effectiveness is understood by reviewing the implementation in sample projects. Defects data and pattern are analyzed thoroughly to help understand the root causes.

Enhops also offers proprietary test assessment frameworks based on industry standards and best practices. We handhold our customers to set up measurable quality goals, build a QA model, monitor and report implementation progress, thereby enhancing their testing practice. Successful testing practice helps an enterprise to achieve faster time-to-market, reduced costs, and improved customer satisfaction.

Through our assessment service and working closely with customers to implement recommendations, we have realized following benefits to our customers.

  • Increase in quality by 40%
  • Reduction in total time to market by 27%
  • Reduction in total cost of ownership by 45%

Our Key Differentiators

  • Comprehensive SWOT analysis and assessment of testing practice
  • Create roadmap and execution plan for enhancements and transformation
  • Metrics-driven QA & testing framework and robust test governance
  • Early and continuous testing alongside development for early detection of defects while maximizing ROI
  • Improved processes, integrated tools and operational efficiency
  • Improved skill competency, resource scalability and optimization
  • Implementation of Agile and DevOps practices keeping customer requirements/satisfaction at the core
  • Test automation feasibility analysis, test automation framework and strategies
  • Predictable delivery cycles and quality, reduced time to market
  • Adherence to regulatory compliance sustaining business reputation

Enhops’ Test Advisory Services are built on extensive software testing experience and profound consulting expertise besides deep technological capabilities. Our TAS portfolio includes test organization assessment, end-to-end enterprise test management, test lab consultancy, and setting up TCoEs and Quality Management Offices. Our highly skilled pool of career testers help customers identify, plan and implement industry best practices in QA process, methodology and strategy. Write to us for more information.

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